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One of the most highly anticipated devices in the Android space is certainly the LG Optimus Black, the world’s thinnest smartphone with perhaps the world’s brightest smartphone display. LG Cell Phone News

First up, retailer Expansys UK has the phone on pre-order. The LG Optimus Black has a price of £399 (€463) unlocked, if you order the handset now, you should receive it in April. LG Android Phones

There’s another option for those who would like to get a contract. According to CoolSmartphone that T-Mobile is one of the carriers t hat is planning to offer the LG Optimus Black for free on plans starting at £25.54 per month.

In the meantime, LG has recently announced that the LG Optimus Black and outed the price of this Android 2.2 device for everyone to see at 768 SGD ($607 or €432) no-contract in Singapore. LG-Optimus info

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