LG Optimus 7 Tips – Getting Data on Fido

Telephone/voicemail automatically worked on Fido. To get Data to work (ie 3G) on LG Optimus 7, I had to change the APN setting. LG Windows Phone 7

Go to SETTINGS -> Cellular -> edit apn

"edit apn" is the button at the bottom of that screen. The settings should be:

  • APN: internet.fido.ca<
  • User name: fido
  • Password: fido

Have Data connection ON and 3G connection ON. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Internet now worked for me, including browser and Outlook. Outlook connected to Exchange flawlessly.  LG-Optimus info

Incidentally, the first time I set up my phone, I set up Windows Live immediately (startup wizard), and then Outlook Exchange. My appointments from Exchange were all in bright pink.

Because Windows Live was giving me a sync error, I did a factory reset, and set up Outlook first this time. Now, my Exchange appointments are in red. No idea how to change the color, but I prefer red. In both cases, the Windows Live account’s appointments are in Blue.

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