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I have a piece of good news for you LG Optimus 7 owners that we found a tutorial on how to tether your LG Optimus 7. It teaches you how to use your LG Optimus 7 as a modem for your computer, Therefor using the cell phones network as an Internet connection.  LG Phone Problem and Solution

This is a French language thread, if you can’t read French, Google translate will give you a good understanding of the discussion but do NOT jump to conclusions – you MUST read the ENTIRE thread because some things written earlier are updated later. LG Windows Phone 7

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LG Optimus 7 Tethering Instructions: (Google Translated)

After you have determined how your LG Optimus 7 , Smartphone France is happy to tell you quickly how to use this one as USB modem for the time since Windows does not natively Phone 7 this feature. A mini tutorial on Windows 7 made with the operator Orange. LG-Optimus info

To do this you must:
– Unlocking your LG Optimus 7 to access the program MFG
– Download and install drivers for LG modem on your PC
– Turn off the data connection (Settings / Network Mobile)
– Start MFG and go to the menu "USB Switching" (Menu Engineer / Port Setting)
– Select the "QC COMPOSITE" and validate (The camera restarts)
– Connect it to the PC which is then automatically install the necessary drivers
– Go into the modem settings "LGE CDMA USB Modem" then add an additional parameter in the string + CGDCONT = 1, "IP", "orange"
– Manually create a new connection using that modem as phone number * 99 #
– And normally it should work:)

Note that we must restore the machine to "normal state" to be able to use it again with Zune. Therefore the remmettre mode "MS COMPOSITE" in "USB Switching" and do not forget to activate the data connection. A solution not very practical but we agree that is better than nothing until Microsoft or logiciciel manufacturers offer a more convenient to use the modem device as all other smartphones.

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HC Chua on 22 August, 2011 at 8:53 pm #

Would like to know where to plug this comment in the modem setting:
– then add an additional parameter in the string + CGDCONT = 1, “IP”, “orange”

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