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Official LG Optimus 7 Mango 8107 Update Cab Download:

Language packs

Note: I obtained this going from 7740 to 8107, and there may be different cabs for 7720-8107. This is not a complete list of language packs. This is only what my phone was offered through Zune. LG Windows Phone 7

Changelog: LG Cell Phone Software

  • Updated the Carrier data configuration database
  • Updated Radio Interface Layer, SMS & SIM drivers
  • SMS & Contacts "bug" fixed
  • Updated the Updater Service
  • Updated the Internet Sharing Security Policy
  • Updated the HowTo Application
  • Fixed the Location bug where it shares your information without your knowledge in certain core apps.
  • Updates to Zune & the Pictures Hub
  • Updates to the Default Zune Tuner configuration
  • TCP IP stack updates
  • Updates to the MSHTML parser for IE9
  • Updates to the Maps & Search functions
  • Updates to UI framework driving the phone (Splash or UIX as some call it)

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nelly on 18 February, 2014 at 4:09 am #

I removed the batery my phone brand lg c900 and when I want to turn on it shows me a picture that requires connecting the phone to a machine I made in vain. What should I do?

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