LG Optimus 7 Mango 7740 Update Cab Download

Official LG Optimus 7 Mango 7740 Update Cab Download:

How to install the Mango 7740 Update Cab on LG Optimus 7?

Download the WP7 Update Cab Sender: download. With this tool you can install cab to all WP7 device. Official rom can receive only official cabs. Copy cab/s in "WP7 Update Cab Sender" folder then run the bat. LG Cell Phone Software

If you have any error with the WP7 Update Cab Sender. You can use L to retrieve the logs from device. Decompress the Devicelog.cab file you’ll find in your logs folder. The important file to check is UpdateValidator.log. At the end of this file you’ll find details of the error and which package is in cause. LG Windows Phone 7


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