LG Optimus 7 Factory Reset

Hard reset the LG Optimus 7 if you wish to return the Windows Mobile phone back to its factory default profile. You will lose all your data after doing this method, that means your LG Optimus 7 will back to factory settings like from box. Good luck.  LG Phone Problem and Solution

LG Optimus 7 Hard Reset Steps: LG-Optimus info

  • Turn the power off. If your LG Optimus T is frozen, pull the battery out and reinsert it
  • Hold down the VOLUME + – and the camera button and keep pressing them
  • Then, turn the power button the phone
  • Your LG Optimus 7 will turn on

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2 thoughts on “LG Optimus 7 Factory Reset”

  1. hello, I keep getting “memory card not working” error message. I’ve had the phone for about a week now and it worked before so I have no idea how to fix this error. I have followed the intructions for a factory reset off the LG phone website but it doesn’t work. I just keep getting the error message. I’ve taken the battery and the SIM card out several times but still no phone.

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