LG Optimus 3D P920 Hands-on Video

As you probably know by now, LG had a big event yesterday evening in Barcelona, mere hours before MWC 2011 kicked off this morning. And there were two devices that took the center stage, LG Optimus 3D and LG Revolution. Here we have a look at the LG Optimus 3D P920. LG Android Phones

The LG Optimus 3D features include a large 4.3-inch 3D WVGA display with 480 x 800 resolution with glasses-free 3D parallax barrier screen, 1GHz Dual-Core and Dual-Channel TI OMAP4 processor, 5 MP dual-lens camera to record stereoscopic 3D and video recording (1080p in 2D, 720p in 3D), HSPA+, HDMI 1.4 and DLNA connectivity, 4 GB LP DDR2 and 8 GB memory, 1500 mAh battery and microSD card support. Due to it’s large 4.3-inch display, the LG Optimus 3D is quite big (129 x 68 x 11. 9 mm). LG Cell Phone News

According to LG Company, it will be launched with Android 2.2 Froyo, though the company has plan to upgrade it to Android 2.3 Gingerbread sometime after launch. Check out a live hands on video below. LG-Optimus info

LG Optimus 3D P920 Hands-on Video


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