LG Optimus 2X Hard & Factory Reset

To perform a hard reset on your LG Optimus 2X, you must confirm these things.

  1. Why you want to do a hard reset? Something wrong with your phone?
  2. Have you backed up all user applications, user data on your LG Optimus 2X? These files will be eased after the reset. LG Android Phones

How to perform a hard reset on the LG Optimus 2X Steps:

When your LG Optimus 2X p990 is turned off, press and hold the Power + Volume down keys at the same time (for over ten seconds),  the phone will turn on and perform factory reset immediately. Again, I warned you, after you perform Hard Reset, all your data and applications on your phone will be erased. This cannot be reversed. LG Phone Problem and Solution

How to perform a Factory Reset on the LG Optimus 2X Steps:

When your LG Optimus 2X p990 is turned on,  try this:

  1. From the main home screen, tap menu
  2. Tap Settings, then Privacy
  3. Tap Factory data reset
  4. Tap Reset phone
  5. Enter your password if required, then tap Erase everything to confirm LG-Optimus info

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  1. i just installed android application called ‘FLYSCREEN’.Now,my 2x never reboot or freezing.you can try it,its so simple.

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