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Considering people just got their LG Nitro HD and are asking us all sorts of fun questions, the battery life will most certainly diminish with higher then normal usage. This is to be expected when you get a new toy.

Followings are what identified as the most power consumption sources and we’ll fix them:

  • HD screen: I usually set the display brightness manually to about 15-20%. It is quite acceptable as I almost stay indoor at day time (surely this will make your screen nearly blind at this level if you try it outdoor under sunset)
  • Duo core 1.5GHz CPU: Having your CPU at this speed makes your phone so hot for heavy tasks. I use SetCPU to set the speed to 1188Mhz max and 192MHz min and also use SetCPU to enable the Screen Off profile where the max & min speed both set to 192MHz (there’re no reasons to run it at high speed when the screen is off, right?).
  • The stock home launcher: I found the stock launcher (called LG Home) always takes a high portion of battery so I replace it with Go Launcher. This app also has a nice feature where you can see and close all running programs so you won’t have to install another task killer.
  • Bloatware: Firstly, install Titanium Backup and "Freeze" whatever bloatware you found in the market including the LG Home but only after you install & use Go Launcher. Secondly, install Gemini App Manager, at its home screen you will see running apps, for each of them that you don’t want them to autorun (no more running in background & no more auto restart if you kill it), tap on the app name > choose More Operation > Config "Autorun" (root) > disable all of its autorun options (don’t ever disable or freeze the Go Launcher if you are using it!)

Above tips keep my LG Nitro HD easily survive 1 day with 50% battery left (with 5,6 phone calls, some SMS, some 3G for web & downloading and little gaming).

Do you any great tip for improving LG Nitro HD’s battery life that’s not mentioned in the article? Let us know in the comments or in our LG forums.

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talha on 4 May, 2014 at 8:53 am #

can u give a video tutorial of these all settings plzz 🙂

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