LG Nexus 4 Tips & Tricks – How to improve Camera Audio/Video/Image Quality

Due to the great work done by mohit1234 at XDA forum, we can manage to get a better LG Nexus 4 camera. It is a very special hack that can improve the quality of video, audio and image quality. It will increase the video bitrate to 20mbps.


  1. Unlocked and rooted LG Nexus 4

How to improve Camera Audio/Video/Image Quality Steps:

  1. Using a file browser (like root explorer/es file explorer etc) go to the /system/etc folder
  2. Make sure your system is mounted RW
  3. Search for the media_profiles.xml file and open it up in any text editor
  4. Once you scroll down you will see the following:
    • <EncoderProfile quality="1080p" fileFormat="mp4" duration="30">
                  <Video codec="h264"
                         frameRate="30" />
                  <Audio codec="aac"
                         channels="1" />
  5. Change the bitRate from 12000000 to 20000000
  6. Save, make sure permissions are rw-r–r– and then reboot.

Caution: I will not be responsible for any loss or damage. It’s entirely your risk to download and install the software. Make you clear that this may contain bugs.

The instructions seems a little complicated to noobs. But never mind, following we will provide you an easy way to mod the camera.

Download the flashable zip file


  1. Download the zip file and place it on your SD card
  2. Boot your phone in recovery mode
  3. In main menu, select "install zip from sdcard"
  4. Select "choose zip from sdcard" and browse to the location of the zip file
  5. Reboot and enjoy.

If you want your phone back to stock, just reflash the following file



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