LG Neon TE365 usb driver and manual download

Where can I download the LG Neon TE365 usb driver and manual?

LG Neon TE365 usb driver and manual download: http://rapidshare.com/files/B2CAppSetup.zip

Download and install the setup file, run the program, click on the tab Customer Support, pick Application, Manual and USB Driver Download, afterwards, you will be requested to input your phone’s IMEI, Model and S/N.

Update: http://www.lg-phones.org/wp-content/uploads/LG_USB_Drivers_All_4.9.7.zip

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From that you can connect the LG Neon TE365 to your PC and laptop. Enjoy! LG Cell phone Software

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19 thoughts on “LG Neon TE365 usb driver and manual download”

  1. Karen. I have the same problem.
    No one here can even help.
    Do you have a solution yet?

  2. I found that I had to make sure my phone was fully charged before I connected to the computer. Otherwise it just beeps

  3. i have saved my texto file on my computer xxxxxx_xxxxxx_sms how can i convert then in a redable file

  4. under connections you must select usb then decide hoe you let the the phone use the usb. ie: for a data connection (internet) or for file transferring (pitures, etc). All phone are like this.

  5. i have to download LG GT365 PC suit for backup the messages, contacts. Could you plesae give me the correct link, above link is not working.

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