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The LG Neon offers a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which aimed at younger mobile users who want to keep in touch with texts and picture messages or via instant messgaing and email.  LG Cell phone Reviews

The LG Neon features include tri-band (850/1800/1900) GSM/EDGE connectivity, Bluetooth, integrated MP3 player, FM radio, 2 megapixel camera (no flash), picture and video messaging, and an SMS conversation box.

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LG Neon


The first thing that hit me about the LG Neon was its weight. It’s actually quite a bit more substantial at 108 grams that what its cheaper appearance may lead you to believe. I’m not entirely positive if this leads to a better build quality, but it sure makes it feel like you’re using something a little more robust.

If you’re going to send a lot of SMS, IM, and email messages, a regular T9-style keypad probably isn’t going to cut the mustard unless you put in a fair bit of practice. QWERTY keyboards offer a much more user-friendly experience… but the one on the Neon isn’t so stellar.

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