LG Neon 2 GW370 Firmware and Flash files Download

Ever wanted to flash your LG Neon 2 with the latest firmware and haven’t had the software and flash files? Well, I’m gonna offer the download links below.

Caution: Every time you flash your LG Neon 2? Never forget to backup your files, we are not responsible for any damage. Good Luck.  LG Cell Phone Software

PS: If you have any trouble when you flashing your phone, feel free to let me know, I will show you my steps. LG-Neon2 info

LG Neon 2 GW370 Firmware V10c Download:

LG Neon 2 GW370 DLL file Download:

LG Neon 2 Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



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  1. I was wondering, How to flash lg neon 2? and what would it do to my phone? can i put android OS in it? 🙂 thanks

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