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When you’re out in a busy street and your mobile phone rings, you can guarantee your conversation will involve a lot of ‘huhs?’, ‘sorry I can’t hear you’ or ‘can you speak up’.

Well, this could be a thing of the past very soon as LG is planning on improving these annoying distractions by announcing their partnership with music producer Mark Levinson to bring noise cancellation technology to LG mobile phones. If successful then this will mean that voices on the other end of receiver will remain crystal clear, even whilst in a busy crowd or noisy traffic. LG Cell phone news

We know that LG have already been at the forefront in terms of their mobile audio technology by introducing the likes of the LG Renoir – the first ever mobile phone to include Dolby Mobile (audio technology for surround-sound songs on the go), so there is a good chance that they will continue their commitment see this idea through to the end.

If this concept catches on with other mobile phone manufacturers then this could certainly create a precedent for what we should expect from all our mobile phones in the future.

The release date for these noise cancelling mobile phones have not been announced yet however there is talk that this could be around this year so I say keep your ears peeled to find out more.

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Harriet Ducat on 8 March, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

I have a wine LG phone. I have hearing aids. I cannot hear with my hearing aids in my ear, if I remove the aid, I can hear through my cell phone. Why? What is noise cancellation? What is voice privacy? Anything to do with my problem. Explain with details, or call me on land phone, 920-866-2181, so as I can work with my mobile, while on the phone with you. Thank you so much.

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