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Intel is beginning their push into the smartphone market with a partner announcement out of Mobile World Congress today. LG Electronics plans have a MID with voice capability available in 2010; The device will run on Intel’s next Atom platform called Moorestown and offer 3G and other wireless connectivity through Ericsson hardware. LG Cell phone news

According to the press release (full release follows):

LG and Intel’s common goal is to unleash rich Internet experiences across a range of mobile devices while delivering the functionality of today’s high-end smart phones.”

A handful of years ago, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry handsets were picking up steam and there was an Intel chip in near every one of them. In 2006, Intel looked into their crystal ball and saw an alternative future: One that wasn’t based on the ARM platform used by their XScale handset CPUs. That’s when they sold their mobile phone processor business for $600m to Marvell.

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