LG Lyric MT375 User Manual / Guide Download

This LG Lyric MT375 Cell Phone User Manual / Guide is published by LG, without any warranty. This user guide / manual provides important information on the use and operation of your LG Lyric MT375.

The LG Lyric MT375 is a stylish and reliable phone, with a solid set of features…all for a price that will be music to your customers ears. For entertainment, the LG Lyric MT375 boasts a 2.0 megapixel camera with camcorder and a music player.

To download the LG Lyric MT375 user guide / manual:

Below is the Quick Start Guide & Datasheet for the LG Lyric MT375, wish you like that.

LG Lyric MT375 Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures


4 thoughts on “LG Lyric MT375 User Manual / Guide Download”

  1. have a lg mt375 downloaded special music (custom) to the disk inserted in the phone 4 gb now i can listen to them and put them into a playlist but cant assign them to anything tells me to copy to phone? dont see anywhere on how to copy files from disk to phone folders can anyone help? thanks Phil

  2. ps when i try to set tone/song to a ringtone says cant because it has to be on the phone memory not the cards.

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