LG Lucid to get Gingerbread VS840ZV6 update

The LG Lucid will receive an OTA update in the coming weeks as build VS840ZV6. It’s not the Ice Cream Sandwich update many users are wanting, but it does address some issues and bring newer versions of the bundled applications along for the ride.

Device Features:

  • Weather widget syncs correctly for more precise location coordinates
  • Improved Dialer Widget.
    • Added “Instant Search” and “Add to Contacts” functionalities.
    • Successfully dial VZW“#” shortcuts.
  • Improved GPS Widget.
    • Navigate Google Maps successfully.
    • Threshold of battery temperature improved, so user will not see ‘over-heat’ when using Google Navigation.

As you can see, it’s a fairly big update. It also brings various security fixes and enhancements to the Android system from Google.

For more details, and instructions on how to apply the update when it goes live, visit the source link.

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