LG Lollipop 2 Pictures

LG is ready to release its Lollipop 2 phone, following up on its predecessor (LG Lollipop ) which is a huge success. To build on the success of the original Lollipop, it comes also a clamshell design. LG Cell Phone Pictures

Oddly though, LG have not released all of the Lollipop 2’s specifications, preferring to tell us that boasts a 2.5 time more hidden LED (hidden under the phone lid) with 220 LEDs in total, a DMB TV tuner, a built-in digital camera and GPS navigation.

LG Lollipop 2 Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures

lg_lollipop2Lg_Lollipop_2_2 Lg_Lollipop_2_3 Lg_Lollipop_2_4


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