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It has been brought to our attention thanks to the folks over at www.3g.co.uk that LG have made an announcement. The announcement involves a new concept mobile has been designed by Terrillo Walls, who was contracted by LG to design an Eco mobile.

The new concept mobile is called the LG Leaf, aims to follow in the example set by Sony Ericsson with its Greenheart range. LG Cell Phone News

The main “wow factor” of the LG Leaf is that it will get all its power from sunlight and will never need to be charged. How well this will work, especially with our lack of sun, remains to be seen but it’s definitely an exciting idea. LG Cell Phone Previews

The design of the phone looks interesting with it seemingly being very thin and quite wide, almost like a flatter HTC Desire.

No more details are revealed, for the LG Leaf in the earliest of stages but once we hear more about this concept mobile we’ll be sure to let you know.



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