LG launches Lollipop 2 in South Korea

LG has yet another lollipop-phone coming out. The company has issued a press release for the new LG Lollipop 2 phone. This LG Lollipop 2 is a clamshell phone, designed with the young, text-happy teens and tweens in mind. LG Cell Phone News

The LG Lollipop 2 clamshell phone comes in three models, where among them include the LG SU430, LG KU4300 and LG LU4300, which will be available in different cellular operators – SK Telecom, Korea Telecom, and LG Telecom. LG Cell Phone Previews

In addition, LG brings to this new Lollipop 2 a 2.5 time more hidden LED (hidden under the phone lid) with 220 LEDs in total – that is more than double the number of LEDs found in its predecessor, giving modders a whale of a time to modify the phone with their desired graphics or animation, as well as having specific animation for your SMS, e-Mail and calls. The LG Lollipop 2 will also feature 5 different “Cute” themes or skins for your GUI, a DMB TV tuner, a built-in digital camera and GPS navigation among others.

LG Lollipop 2 Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



The LG Lollipop 2 will be out starting in South Korea this week. However, no details on pricing has yet been announced, there’s no word as to whether it would travel outside the country.

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8 thoughts on “LG launches Lollipop 2 in South Korea”

  1. When will 2nd Lollipop will be release at Malaysia?? My and I were really badly want this phone~ I hope it will release very soon..

  2. I think the LG lollipop 2 phone is probably coming out pretty soon ;D Cuhz I saw one of my friend already has it ^w^ (I was so jealous!) But i’m not sure if she got the Joypop or the lollipop 2 phone >W< THEY BOTH LOOK SO SIMILAR!!!!

  3. OMG, I found this phone on E-baaaay., keyword ‘ su430 ‘ the korean model name of lollipop 2 . XD

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