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Recently LG Electronics announced it’s new LG L750ie Cell Phone in Korea. This will be HSDPA capable in order for you to surf just about anywhere you go as long as the signal is strong enough, available in August.

The LG L750ie clamshell weighs 103 grams and measures 100 x 51 x 17.3 millimeters (when not flipped), so the LG L750ie is not among the slimmest LG handsets released until now. Details like the internal memory of the phone or its battery lifetime remain a mystery for the moment, but they’re probably not too great, since we’re not talking about a high-end phone. There is No idea on how much the LG L750ie will cost though.

 The LG L750ie Cell Phone Photos – LG Cell phone news

The LG L750ie Cell Phone Photos

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