LG L70 Laf Recovery Multi-tool, UNLOCK, CWM, BACKUP, RESTORE

LG L70 Laf Recovery Mutli Tool is now available of the LG L70 users, the tool allows you to unlock the bootloader, install CWM, backup and restore your device and lots more. .All credit goes to Android Forum Senior Member sammyz for releasing this all in one tool for LG L70. This tool is very easy to use. All you have to select the option from the tool kit to Unlock or Install Recovery on your device.

Take note that drivers are not included and you may need to install adb drivers and fastboot drivers. Recovery is not included. You can download AA’s recovery.img from the links below.


How to use LG L70 Laf Recovery Mutli Tool:

  1. Download the downloads.
  2. Extract everything in the zip files.
  3. Install drivers.
  4. Open Run.bat and select an option.

Of course though if drivers are broken or USB debugging is not enabled, this will not work, so make sure drivers are all installed and working properly.


LG L70 Laf Recovery Mutli Tool Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



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