LG KW838 Cell Phone

LG KW838 cell phone(LG Cell phone Previews) will support CDMA and GSM network with its 2 sim card slots. Besides the unique dual mode feature. You can have simultaneous access to two phone numbers; press the G button for GSM and the C button for CDMA.

The LG KW838 cell phone also comes with a 3 megapixel camera, 3-inch display screen (400 x 240 pixels), touch screen, bluetooth and micro-SD card slot.

  LG KW838 cell phone photosLG Cell phone Previews

LG KW838 cell phone photos LG KW838 cell phone photos

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  1. LG KW838 Chocolate is available in India and can u give me the full details like external memory support, wifi available etc……….

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