LG KS660 Firmware Download

Are you wondering where to download the latest LG KS660 firmware v10g. I found a site with the firmware download for free. If you are looking for them,then stop here. Blow is the download link for you folks, hope it helps you. Enjoy! LG Cell Phone Software

To Download LG KS660 Firmware here:

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8 thoughts on “LG KS660 Firmware Download”

  1. Hey,

    somebody installed that firmware? Does it work? I’ve some problems with my alarm-clock…is somebody here who could help me? Does this firmware fix the problem?

    Thanks for your help


  2. hi, i have a problem involving sending messages, on my first card i can`t send messages, but on the second it works, if i install this, it will work? thanks

  3. my lg ks660 phone is slow, and sms messges are messed up. i can’t access the messages sent to me and when i open any sms, the content is different from what is sent. will any upgrade correct this fault?

  4. My Lg ks660 is also playing up in the message sending department. It constantly sits in the outbox and waits, half hour later it says message error. sometimes deleted outbox messaged end up in the inbox.
    This will be my first and last LG phone, there are not reputable cellphone makers i am afraid.

  5. Sir Just bought KS660 but now i met a big problem, always have echo on the other side of this phone, when we were speaking.

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