LG KS360 User Manual / Guide Download

This User Manual will give you information to quickly get acquainted with your LG KS360. The following LG KS360 user manual is free to download, the LG KS360 manual is in pdf format. In order to read PDF files, you need to have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® installed in your computer.

The LG KS360 Mobile Phone comes with a 2 MP Camera, QWERTY Keyboard, SMS, Email Wizard, and Social Networking. Take messaging to the next level with an LG mobile phone built to text. You’ll enjoy a QWERTY keyboard for fast typing, SMS threads for conversation-like effect, easy email, and access to social networking sites anytime, anywhere.

To download the LG KS360 user guide / manual:

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8 thoughts on “LG KS360 User Manual / Guide Download”

  1. Avoid this phone at all costs its the worst possible phone and it seems like its impossible to update even LG software update can’t update it. Their software and phones are useless the only thing which holds LG together is their TV’s never get LG or Nokia Android phone fact

  2. my ks360 cant connected to the computer.I’ve tried it for several times. and it can not. what should i do?can you inbox me the drivers? i will be much happy

  3. How do you conect to the internet ? Ive tried so much times my phone is lg ks360 and it cannot go on internet at all

  4. i had no problem with this phone internet fine, music fine, camera fine awesome phone so stop complaining

  5. I have had this phone for over 2 years now and love it. It’s simple and dependable.

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