LG KG376 Clamshell Phone

Clamshell phone in Korea has been very popular since a long time, today LG Electronics introduced its another folding form factor cell phone which called LG KG376. The LG KG376 clamshell looks a little thick but not big, it will comes equipped with a mere 1.5 inches display with the resolution of 128X128 pixels, integrated FM radio, an external display, 1MB internal memory, 750m lithium battery, this device measures 85.9 × 45 × 19.8 mm, 73 grams weight. LG Cell phone Previews

LG KG376 Phone photos – LG Cell phone pictures



The LG KG376 comes with an eye for style on account of its purple case with pink seems to be designed for use by women. While the pricing and release date has not yet been announced, but we will report the up-to-the-minute news and watch this phone for you.

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  1. gadhon……!!! kis ko pagal samjha hai kutton …..!!! lg kg376 mein koi radio nahin hai bharwon….!!!!! >:-(

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