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LG KF755 cell phone game – Pub Mania(LG Cell phone Software): You can improve the place (buy new tables, change the decorations, etc.) or improve the service (hire bands or a new server, add items to the menu, etc.). It’s up to you to turn it into the hottest spot in the city and make your dream a reality!

LG KF755 cell phone game – Pub Mania features:

Buy new features to enhance what the pub has to offer: buy tables, hire a DJ, and make it a hotspot! 6 different pubs with 6 very different British ambiances.

13 different types of customers and up to 7 different emotions expressed by them. The most realistic game of the category with a real freedom of movement among tables

  LG KF755 cell phone game photos – LG Cell phone Software

LG KF755 cell phone game photos

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