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LG KF750 – Midnight Pool: Midnight Pool brings you into the competitive universe of a genuine American pool hall. You will face 8 original players, none of whom are ever at a loss for words! Choose from 3 available characters, then unlock the others in Tournament mode, where you can play with the rule set of your preference: US 8-ball, UK 8-ball or 9-ball.

LG KF750 – Midnight Pool: As you continue on your winning streak, you can unlock new table baizes and cue colours for a completely customised gaming experience! Familiarise yourself with the rules, and special shots like the masse or the jump shot in Tutorial mode.
LG KF750 – Midnight Pool: That is, if you are not already an expert! In Challenge mode, you can try your hand at executing set moves like sinking multiple balls in one shot, or pocketing the 8-ball without touching any others, and theres always Quick mode for a fast game!

LG KF750 – Midnight Pool: Whether youre a beginner or an experienced pool player, the intuitive gameplay and realistic graphics will make for rapid and total immersion, allowing you to enjoy the game right from the break!

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LG KF750(Midnight Pool) Photos LG KF750(Midnight Pool) Photos LG KF750(Midnight Pool) Photos LG KF750(Midnight Pool) Photos

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