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We can press the LG KC910 Renoir’s dialling button on the main screen then key in 3845#*910# to access the Service menu. You should not mess with anything unless you fully know what you are doing. If you are going to use it, just don’t start to click all over the place. This can change a setting with out you noticing it as you dont get a warning, it justs changes.  LG-Renoir info

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LG KC910 phone


Choosing ‘Fake Language’ changes everything into programming terms for the phone, eg ‘my images’ becomes ‘menu454’ (or something), I don’t know if you can reverse this by choosing another language in normal mode or resetting in normal mode, but I reversed mine by resetting from this engineer menu, as I needed to fix what might be my operator’s attempt to slow down my HSDPA.

Via: renoir-lg by Gearu

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  1. I am trying to set up wi-fi manually at home via my router and i need to add the mac address of the phone onto my wireless access list so and can get access, however i am having problems finding out where the info is on my mobile, any help would be appreciated.

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