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In my LG Renoir is in LGAPP\Media\Java\cert\ 7 file (LG-Renoir info)
002. ca-lge (trusted).crt
011. geotrust-ca-for-uti.crt
012. verisign-class3-ca.crt
013. thawte-premium-ca.crt
that is of need adjust?
perhaps that opn.pol that includes
# multi vm, msa
revision: 2
#================================================= ===
# 1. Permission Aliases
#================================================= ===
alias: phone_call
alias: call_control,
alias: net_access,,,
alias: low_level_net_access,,,,

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Raysy on 20 November, 2011 at 6:26 am #

How to connect KC910i to LG PC Suite III
I wanted to connect the LG PC Suite 3.2.16 to my LG KC910i Renoir with official firmware v10b. The LG website only offered me PC Suite II for my phone. Its black interface was ugly and this version deleted all my contacts in Outlook at one sync. So I thought: “Maybe the fixed this bug in version 3?”
After installing LG Suite III I instantly could find the LG Renoir at the Bluetooth neighborhood. I could connect, but at the next second the PC Suite disconnects stating “Failed to connect to PC” etc.
Reinstalled and searched for days the web for a solution. At last I altered a fix I found at
1. Exit PC Suite III completly (don’t minimize it)
2. Open the windows explorer
3. Go to the folder “C:\Program Files\LG Electronics\LG PC Suite III\res”
4. Open the “PhoneInfo.ini” with a text editor
5. Make a backup of the file
6. Search for “KC910Q”
7. Alter it to “KC910I”
8. Save the “PhoneInfo.ini”file
9. Start LG PC Suite III
10. Connect to the phone

Props go to MironV at

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