LG KC910 Renoir drivers download

If you lost your LG KC910 Renoir pc suite and can’t install the software on your phone, now you are in the right place. LG Cell phone Software

Here is the drivers for LG KC910 Renoir, download and install it to your PC, then you can use the usb cable to connect the LG KC910 Renoir to PC completely.  LG-Renoir info

LG KC910 Renoir drivers download: LG-Renoir-driver-v4.7.zip

Update: http://www.lg-phones.org/wp-content/uploads/LG_USB_Drivers_All_4.9.7.zip

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19 thoughts on “LG KC910 Renoir drivers download”

  1. “I was searching on lg’s official web site….” Yeah mate, what a waste of time! LG is the pits. I wanted a manual, nothing on the site so sent an email………….response……….nil! Think twice before buying junk from LG.

  2. how can i reistall the lg kc911 software? the mobile is sending massages and making phonecalls on it’s own…i think there is some kind of bug inside.

  3. Hi, I updated my firmware to v10j. But afterwards I could neither connect it with pc suite nor I could connect it with efs media explorer. Pls help me to overcome this problem. THanks in advance

  4. My phone LG 910 just contact virus and refuses to display menu but could only display light when switch on. I an looking for software to flash the phone but can’t find .please help restore my phone.thanks as you do that.

  5. my phone LG KC 910 is not working properly my wifi if switch on the phone will restart, the radio is not working again and lately my camera is hanging the phone whenever i on it. pls kindly help me out.

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