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Do you know how to change the wallpapers on the LG KC910 Renoir? If not, follow these instructions you will find it’s easily to make. LG-Renoir info

Because the LG KC910 Renoir is a Java handset, so it may be limited to install third-party themes, but it’s still easy to customise with your own backgrounds(wallpapers) on many of the key screens.

You can edit photos on your LG KC910 Renoir to fit the phones’s screen, the ideal size for the LG KC910 Renoir is a portrait image measuring 240*400 pixels.

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To set the photos as a default screen – follow the instructions:

  1. Unlock the LG KC910 Renoir and click on the shortcut icon with four dots at the bottom left of the screen
  2. Click on the Settings icon – it looks like a mechanical cog – in the vertical tab bar on the right of the screen
  3. In the Settings menu click on the Screen icon
  4. In the Screen menu click on Main screen theme
  5. Select the screen you want to customise. The Home screen is the one that appears underneath the main menu grid. Start up/Shut down appear when you turn the LG KC910 Renoir on and off. Outgoing call appears as a smaller image when you make – surprise – an outgoing call
  6. If you are choosing a Home screen wallpaper you will be prompted whether you want to use a theme or a picture. Select Use picture and click on the OK button
  7. In the My stuff menu choose where you want to source the image from – My images or My memory card – and click on the Select button
  8. Click on the image you want as a wallpaper. If the image isn’t an exact fit you will be prompted to enlarge or reduce the image to fit the screen. You can also use your finger to move the image around. Click on Set when you are satisfied
  9. Voila! You have a new, customised wallpaper on your LG KC910 Renoir.

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