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LG Electronics today unveiled the LG Iron Man phone, a limited-edition, 18-karat gold slider modeled after the LG Shine.The LG Iron Man phone was created for a new campaign in partnership with Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios.

The Iron Man edition of the LG Shine is a special phone going only to contest winners, which is a real shame, because this phone is gorgeous. The maroon and gold accents look exactly like you’d expect the Iron Man suit to look in person. The phone is crafted from real 18 karat gold, which puts the material value at $2000, though mere mortals won’t be able to plunk down that kind of change any time soon. Instead, LG is giving the phones away as part of an Iron Man movie promotion.

  LG Iron Man Photos 

LG Iron Man Photos  LG Iron Man Photos

LG Iron Man Photos  LG Iron Man Photos

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