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Hi people, i got my LG Intouch Max/Eve/Etna a few weeks ago, for now I am definitely disappointed in the battery life. LG-Eve/Etna/Intouch Max info

I’m sure many LG Intouch Max/Eve/Etna users have the same problem just like me. As I tested and confirmed with many experts, the key power issue of the LG Intouch Max/Eve/Etna Android phone is the POP3 mail and the push function (email pull time) that retrieving email from the server(s) is high power consumption, it is applicable to all PDA phones (BB, iPhone, etc). LG Phone Problem and Solution

A good method is to use K-9 mail (only use version from the market ) and set the pull time (receiving email time) to 30 min or more (ideally).

(note: need to cancel the account in POP3 mail to safe power and process time)
You may feel much better with battery life and process speed.

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Maybe this will save the LG Intouch Max/Eve/Etna’s battery life as well:

To turn off the GPS: Settings – Security & location – Enable GPS satellites
And the HSPA connection also eats battery life, when I am just using the LG Intouch Max/Eve/Etna for regular browsing or mail/msn’ing I keep it on Edge/GPRS.

To switch between the two, in Dialer hit *#*#4636#*#* (4636 spells INFO), This will bring you into a "Testing" Menu. Under Phone Information scroll down to "Set Prefered network type" and select GSM only. This will slow down your network speed, but double/triple your battery life.

To turn HSPA back on, go into the same menu and select "WCDMA preferred"
I just wish there was a widget that could quick select between the two…
Again, its a trade off between network speed and battery life, as most of the time my phone is idle in my pocket, I want the battery life.

Please note, I don’t know what the OTHER settings adjust yet, so I don’t suggest touching them either unless YOU know what you are doing.

Hope this helps.

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