LG Incite Windows 7 Theme

I’ve been using the windows 7 theme on my LG Incite for a couple weeks with no problems. So it just might be the screen capture that I used. But anyway, works great no issues known. LG Cell Phone Software

Alright, did one more before I go to bed. This one works perfect with the exception of when in landscape it has a wierd color line at the bottom. I don’t use my LG Incite in landscape so it works perfect for me. I’m working on a halloween all in one ( 6.5, dialer, keypad, s2u2, bootscreen) and I’ve got it about 75% done. Actually, everything except the keypad…pain in the butt. So that’ll be the next thing I post but for now enjoy this Windows 7 theme. Hope you like this. LG-Incite info

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