LG Incite Voip with Spartan 6.1 Rom

This  is using Spartans 6.1 rom because it has a lot of free memory, I’ve noticed the more free memory the better voip works with SJPHONE LG-Incite info


If anyone has more ideas I’ll be glad to test them out.
First you need to enable Proxy manager in the registry settings at [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ACCESS\NFB35a\BrowserPref]

You Need to Right click on NFB35a and create a new key which you name BrowserPref, then you create a dword for that key by right clicking on the empty page on your right and write the name UseProxy and hex value is 00000001.

Then you need to go to Proxy manager on your LG Incite and disable Proxy.

You also need to enable port 5060 in the registry because it is not enabled at
EnablePort5060 = 1
Download SJPhone from here http://www.sjphone.org/softphone/SJphone-PPC2003-303c.cab
These are the settings to get SJPHONE working as there is no explanations as to put what where.
The example I’ll be using here is for JUSTVOIP you can use your voip provider,
These settings are NOT using STUN as a SERVER.
After installing SJPHONE (soft rest) and doing your reg tweeks open sjphone, Click on  MENU which is at the bottom left hand corner, go to
OPTIONS then click on Profiles which is at the bottom,
In Profiles click New
In Profile Name you may write any name you like in this case it will be JustVoip.
the rest of the details are automatically inserted there is nothing more to do.
Next click on SIP PROXY Tab:
In Proxy Domain you type in { justvoip.com } without Quotes, in the box next to that : {5060}
In USER  DOMAIN {sip.justvoip.com}
Register with Proxy is selected
Proxy is Strict Outbound is selected
UNMARK /DO NOT SELECT /unregister contact address only, then
Click OK
In the Please enter this information to initialize the service profile
First Box is your user name {pspmatrix}  just as you have entered it on your voip provider, No sip or @ justvoip.com, before or after your user name, it won’t work if you add any of these.
Next box is your password {123456}
click ok and go into the dial Pad
Now the tricky Part
Go to Menu Options
On the bottom scroll over to Audio the Top 2 Boxes need to be selected
Then click on the Codecs tab and move SJLabs GSM 6.10 CODEC to the top,
you may select each of the other two codecs and by clicking on properties you may disable them.
Click ok
Click on Advance settings, Here is where you play around to get the best Sound Quality, My settings may not work as good on your router so you need to play around a bit, I go threw two Access Points before I reach a router and I’ve managed to get it to work most of the time Like talking on a normal Phone.
My settings are
Driver Buffer 100
Driver Input 10
Driver Output 3
Jitter 2.

You May also Select Lost Data recovery in the Codecs Tab but I think this over rides the above settings.

There is also a setting under the codecs properties where I have entered 2 for packets.
To Keep the call alive make sure you adjust your power settings otherwise the Phone goes to standby mode and the Internet connection is cut.

Unfortunately you cannot use SPB as the sound quality over time deteriorates.
There is also AEG Phone which uses less resources but I have only managed once to have a proper two way conversation, This has a whole different setup and more Items are needed which are missing on the LG Incite to get this working, but if managed the sound quality would be excellent.

If I have forgotten something I’ll update this and any thing you find that Helps Let us Know

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3 thoughts on “LG Incite Voip with Spartan 6.1 Rom”

  1. Thanks for your clear and useful instructions. I installed the Spartan 6.1 ROM and followed your instructions to the letter. However, although I can hear the person at the other end, they can’t hear me.

    My cellphone calls are fine, and I can record and playback using the Notes app. I have no clue as to why there’s a difference in our experiences.

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