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NOTE: Most Themes work great, but it is always recommended you BACKUP your files.
As Alway’s none of the Themer’s will be held responsible for damage to your phone. DISABLE WINDOWS DEFAULT START/SETTINGS/HOME (Tab items) select anything. LG-Incite info

LG Incite Tutorial – How to install Custom Themes:

1. Install the cab file
2. Some Themes will require a restart, and you will be prompted. (Hit "OK")
3. When your device restarts you may see some changes. Everything still works

Now let install the rest…

If you wasn’t prompted to restart Ignore Steps 2-3
4.Go to your Start/Settings/Home
5. Now Select the New Theme’s name, and press OK

Wait……….. your Done!

LG Incite Tutorial – How to Custom Themes:

1. Go to Start/Settings/System/Remove Programs
2. Select the Theme’s name, and hit Remove
3. Sometimes there is two parts to remove Remove The Theme’s nameQVGA last

Remember when uninstalling some parts of the Theme may remain until all parts are removed.

IMPORTANT: When using custom Themes it is ALWAYS a good idea to uninstall the last Custom Theme before installing a new one…

That’s it!

Sometime the start menu icon will change on reset, or shutdowns. To fix this change to a different Theme Steps 4,5 and change back to Custom Theme.

Sometime a soft reset is necessary, if you get all parts cannot be uninstalled as a last resort navigate to the Themes folder and delete the folder with the name of the theme your having problems uninstalling. LG Phone Problem and Solution

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Source: http://www.lg-incite.com/index.php?topic=3528.msg26635

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