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I found this wonderful LG Incite tutorial on forum, made by GoodNovember, now I copy it to my blog to someone who need it, hope it is useful. Thanks again for GoodNovember. LG-Incite info

LG Incite tutorial  – How To Change Your Voicemail to Google Voice’s Voicemail

1) you will no longer be notified that you have a new Voicemail. instead you will be sent a (sometimes multi-page) SMS notification of a transcription {voice to text} of the new Voicemail [this can be turned off] also you will get an email of this same transcription as well as a link to the recording.
2) This tutorial assumes that you have already been accepted into and are fully setup with the Beta program of Google Voice {its free, but there is a waiting list} Sign up now!
3) This is a backward way into using Google Voice, it works perfectly, but it can be a bit daunting to get it setup 
4) this will not affect your standard number, people who call you will be automatically connected to your Google Voice account to leave their message just like they did with your old Voicemail
5) if you need help just leave a reply, i will get back to you asap.

1) Multiple custom Voicemail greetings (if you prefer) to groups of your contacts, or to a single contact to contact basis.
2) Passcode protected, unlimited, archived, and searchable voicemail messages presented in a Gmail-like fashion that is accessible on the internet and your phone
4) bleeding edge technology you can brag about to your friends

Step 1: Get a pencil and paper to write your old voicemail number down (SAVE THIS NUMBER SO YOU CAN GO BACK IF YOU NEED TO!) {i have it saved in my email, just in case}
Step 2: On your incite: Go to Start>Settings>Phone> and chose the [Services] tab
Step 3: Select [Call Forwarding] and tap [Get Settings…] button, the phone will connect to the network now and retrieve the information stored on the network concerning your Voicemail and other Forwarding Information
Step 4: You should now see 4 boxes, the top should be empty, the lower 3 should have a number in them starting with +1. Write down the number that appears in the 3 boxes (the number is the same in all of them) This is your current number of your standard carrier Voicemail, SAVE IT AND DON’T DELETE IT FOR NOW
Step 5: Go to your Computer and log-in to your Google Voice account and go to [Settings] in the upper right corner of the browser window.
Step 6: Make sure the following changes are dealt with:
Enable Screening: Unchecked [it asks unknown callers to state their name] {OPTIONAL}
Enable "Do Not Disturb": Checked [this directly connects the caller to your Voicemail] {IMPORTANT}
Transcribe Voicemail: Checked [Google tries to turn your Voicemail to text.] {OPTIONAL}
Step 7: Click [Save Changes]
Step 8: Enter your Google Voice Number into the lower 3 boxes within the [Call Forwarding] window on your phone including +1 in front of your number
Step 9: Tap OK in the upper right corner of your phone
Step 10: Ask a friend to call you, and try it out!
Step 11: Throw a cookie at me if it works and you like it!

A) Call your Google Voice number from your mobile phone, enter your passcode and listen to your messages!
B) Check your Google Voice Account on the web, here you can read and also listen to your messages. you may also delete, archive and search for them and generally manage your messages.
C) your mobile browser:

if you ever want to change back to the old voicemail, just enter it into the 3 boxes your Google Voice number currently occupies within the Call Forwarding are of your phone.

if it comes back with an error as you are accessing the Call Forwarding area of your phone, you are not in the network service area, this happened to me, just move about till you get some bars of service and give it another go. 😛

A) There is currently no official Windows Mobile application that you can use with Google Voice. i modified this tutorial from a Gizmodo article that featured this for an Android phone. once Google releases an app i am sure you will be notified in other ways than the Email and SMS modes.
B) Link to Gizmodo Tutorial, if you are curious:
C) There is a great deal more to Google Voice than this, but i think this is the most useful application i have come across for us win-mo users.  LG Phone Problem and solution

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