LG Incite tips – wifi setting

If you want to send and receive e-mail or surf the internet, you need to set up your LG Incite wifi first. LG-Incite info

I’ve been trying for the last 3 days to connect to my wifi. LG Phone Problem and solution

LG Incite wifi setting – Step by step

  1. Start -> Settings -> Connections tab
  2. WiFi -> Network Adapters tab
  3. select "The Internet" and then select Broadcom 802.11 DHD Network Adapter
  4. Go Start/Progams/Tools/Proxy Manager, then diable proxy to use IE on your or any other WiFi connection.

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  1. haha, wow this worked, ive been trying to figure out why it wasn’t workin. I even reboot my entire phone lol thanks alot

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