LG Incite tips – turn off the 3G connection

If you don’t need the LG Incite’s 3G connection, this is a good tip to teach you how to turn off the 3G Connection.   LG-Incite info

Step by step:

It’s easy to access the menu, dial 5476278#*# on the dialpad as a phone number. Scroll to "Modem Setting” >"Band Setting" > "GSM Only" > "OK". Okey! It’s Done. LG Phone Problem and solution

To restore 3G, follow the same steps, and select "Automatic". This setting will remain in effect until you change it.  Cycling the power does not reset this.

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  1. hey i have a lg kf700 and i dont know how 2 change the security code could you please tell me how to or give me a code, thankyou

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