LG Incite tip – easier browser/texting input

LG Incite tips – easier browser/texting input:

I have programmed my camera button (button1) to <Input>.  This allows me to easily toggle the keyboard on and off while browsing, texting, etc. 

Next I programmed the scroll wheel (Voice Command button) to <LGCamera>.  A press of the wheel allows me to turn on the camera when desired, while preventing accidental photography so common with the original button configuration.  Once the camera is turned on, the original camera button (button 1) reverts to shutter control, just like it did before the change.  This works great for me. Enjoy!! LG-Incite info

Source: http://www.lg-incite.com/lg-viewty-tips-and-tricks/quick-tip-for-easier-browsertexting-input/msg14796/#msg14796

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