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The Opera 9.7 beta has just been released for your WinMo phone, like the LG Incite. Today I downloaded the beta and all I can say is GREAT. It looks nice, works awesome especially with the 10x rom. And FINALLY no more asking for if the program can connect to the internet because it wasn’t verified by At&t. Can now browse the internet with opera smoothly without having to hit ok every time I clicked on something. LG Cell phone Software

LG Incite software – Opera 9.7 beta download http://rapidshare.com/operabrowser_wm_97b1.cab

Opera 9.7 beta known issues
    * Opera Turbo in Opera Mobile is still a preview-feature;
          o Downloads don’t work while Opera Turbo is enabled.
          o Some settings (such as toggle on/off images) do not apply when Opera Turbo is enabled. LG-Incite info
    * On older WM 5.0 Devices with 480×800 resolution, switching between portrait and landscape may cause display errors. This is due to lack of support for this resolution in early versions of Microsoft’s driver.
    * Some input method editors are known not to work well with Opera because they do not comply with Microsoft’s SIP and/or IME standard. When such an editor is detected by Opera, Opera will use a known (default) input method instead. An exception is EzInput v1.5, where the phone keypad and compact QUERTY, ABC mode doesn’t work, but the rest of the modes work fine. We recommend upgrading to EzInput v2.0 to avoid this.
    * Only support for FlashLite 3.x. No Flash plugin included.

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