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Here’s the newest official update to Your LG incite ROM, It’s Version V10X.

You will need three things. LG-Incite info
1. Download the beta software from LG here: http://www.lge.com/us/mobile-phones/beta-program.jsp (Thank you teoami)
2. Download the usb modem driver here: LG Incite Usb Drivers download
3. Download WDLFILE.exe: http://mobilephones.us.lge.com/images/support/resources/LG_SmartPhone_SW_Upgrade_CT810_V10x_Ship.exe-Offical 10X
http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tzjlwgdm3zo Spocky 10X

Install the update software to your PC like normal. LG Cell phone Software
Install the LG incite cell phone usb modem driver.
Backup anything important becuase this will wipe your LG incite.
Plug the usb cable into the PC.
Power off your LG incite and enter Emergency Download mode by holding down [Vol Down + Lock] and insert the usb cable.
Double-Click the file V10I_00.exe and it will self-extract. Once it is done, it will open the update utility.
Click "update" and it will take care of the rest.
Your LG incite cell phone will restart and will go straight to charging since it is plugged in. (the Incite has always done this)
Just hit the power button and it will continue booting.
You are done!
Just go through the normal Windows Setup and thats about it. Hit Restore and your good.

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