LG Incite software – 6.5 ROM update

LG Incite software – 6.5 ROM Information: LG-Incite info

  • Based on latest stable WM6.5 available for LG : CE 5.2.21815, build 21815.5.0.50 (15 June 2009)
  • Based on official LG 10x for Modem/OEM/Drivers part

This is the 1st cooked rom for LG Incite. LG Cell phone Software

LG Incite software – 6.5 ROM download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ym5tqjgtmgn

To read more here: http://www.lg-incite.com/lg-incite-tutorials/windows-phones(not-suppose-to-be-called-mobile-anymore)-6-5-rom-get-it-now!!!!!/

WM 6.5 ROM Features:

1. Removed:

  • NetCF2.0
  • Office One Note Mobile
  • Sample Music
  • Autoupdate
  • Catalog
  • Welcome Center
  • Voice Command
  • Remote Desktop Mobile
  • Transcriber
  • LG Java Mobile
  • Mobile Zip
  • AT&T GPS
  • AT&s Games & Java apps
  • MusicID
  • NetFront Browser
  • Picsel Viewer
  • PSNote
  • Sprite Backup
  • Startup & Shutdown animations
  • Oz Instant Messenger
  • Pandora
  • XM Radio
  • XPressMail
  • Links to buy online stuff…

2. Included:

  • Microsoft Office 6.1
  • NetCf3.7

3. Added:

  • Total Commander 2.5
  • FdcSoft Pim Backup 2.8
  • FdcSoft Task Manager 3.1 (including registry editor)
  • Esmertec JBed 20090217
  • Pocket Rar
  • SPB Calc

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4 thoughts on “LG Incite software – 6.5 ROM update”

  1. Hi Jimmy, thank you for the good works you’ve done for us users.

    My question about this particular ROM for LG Incite is that the ROM will remove Voice Command, which I found useful while using with bluetooth, is it means no more Voice Command at all. If so, what can I install or set up to utilize such similar app. Thanks again!

  2. Hey!! i get a question… well i was updating my lg ct810 a few months ago, but… my pc got off, so, my phone is dead, what can i do?? i mean to revive or something… plz!!!

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