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Today I stumbled across a great website which offers a lots free software for LG Incite. I have gotten most of them to work for my Incite. I download them to my pc then I put the apps/games (cab files ) on my Storage card and I install to my storage card.  LG Cell phone Software

Magic Bubble- game
CellSpin- app to be able to send photos to flikr etc.
Google Maps- App for directions and maps
Mobliza- App to give an (AwaY) message on your texts if you are busy
Pipes- Game
Smart Simon- game like Simon
Fishocopter- Game
Greedy Penguins- Game
gcal- cool calculator


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8 thoughts on “LG Incite free software download”

  1. Need a solution to get my LG Incite to work with my new 2010 Camaro. I can get it paired, but when I get in the car with the bluetooth on, the phone will lock and is unusable. I can’t make calls using the Hands-Free feature with OnStar. Any suggestions

  2. URGENT I need the unlock code for my new cell phone LG Optimus GT 540 bay in France Bouyguestelecom. The IMEI n° is: 352166-04-013488-7. Serial n°: 004KPPB0134488.
    Please help me!!!!
    Gabriel Karaolanov

  3. i need a way to update my lg incite from windows mobile 6.1 to a newer version i did talk with an agent in the lg website and he said there is no way and i am sure that there is a way so if any one know how to do it please contact me

  4. get dark wolf edition of 6.5 rom free from any site run the exe file on pc and then switch of the phone press volume up and screen lock at same time and connect to usb cable an emergency download icon will be shown and on pc start update it will automatically start updating ur device its great i have done it and it gave a new look to the phone

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