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A few questions you should know before buying the LG Incite, I have done some searching on the net and finally found the answers. LG Phone Problem and solution

1) When u DL something like games, is it best to DL to the memory card except for antivirus? LG-Incite info
Most of the time yes, but some programs must be installed in the phones memory to work correctly

2) When u r not using the Incite phone, it dims.. anyway of shutting it completely off w/o shutting the phone off? plz explain..?
Yes, go to Settings>System>Backlight…. you can change around your settings there

3) someone explain the alarms via wav files cuz I found the files listed when i try to set the alarm but it just will not select them or it will select them but just not play. As u can see I know whwere the file has to be and it as to be wav file but whats the max kilobyte? OKAY i did find out the text message alerts works also if they are wav files and placed in the same folder..
Not sure, I think there is a topic about this
I’d try Zedge.com

4) any way of getting different tones for Text message alerts, what file type (besides wav)(also get placed in the windows folder as this is how they showed up) and size max?
Yea I’m pretty sure they have to be .wav and be placed in the windows folder, file size… not sure, probably not to big though, its just an alert.

5) Are there any themes, u can download so its not always the same colors?
Yup just do a google search on "winmo 6.1 themes" there’s a bunch out there.

6) Any way of changing the touch menu at the bottom on the today screen?
Nope, but you can get a different plugin. Don’t know what that is? Search the forum… no harshness intended.

7) Anyway of changing the two buttons on the left and right side at the bottom of the today screen instead of mine being calendar and contacts?
I don’t think so.
Anyway to change the settings of windows media player so when u click on a sound file it does not automatically play, this gets annoying when testing, renaming files.
There aren’t any settings that will do this but there is probably a reg edit to do so, ask one of the winmo geniuses on this site.

8)Anyway of syncing 2 phones together and how?
I’ve done it with my freinds incite through bluetooth.

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William on 14 December, 2011 at 11:56 pm #

I want to put avast anti-virus on my LG Incite. Is this possible? I’m not sure of the requirements (Pentium) that avast has. thanks!

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