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Today only at, the LG In-The-Ear Bluetooth Headset Bulk (HBM-520) – OEM for a mere $14.99 for free shipping, you could save $35.00 in this deal. If it has a strong appeal to you, click here to the deal. Enjoy! LG Cell Phone Accessories

I really liked the LG HBM-520 Bluetooth Headset. It felt comfortable, and it’s small and sleek. Unfortunately the microphone is fairly weak and everyone I tried to talk to said they couldn’t hear me, and that there was a strange noise on the line. I actually got it for my wife, who stopped using it because of this problem and gave it to me, then I stopped using it and gave it to my brother, who also stopped using it shortly thereafter. Where it is now is anybody’s guess.

LG HBM-520 Bluetooth Headset



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