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It seems that the folks at LG love everything that tastes sweet and are pretty much hell bent on naming everything that they dish out with a sweet flavor or candy name or just plain chocolate.  LG Cell phone news

If you are in Korea, then you could probably consider the 3G phone ‘LGLU1600’, which is being dubbed as the “Ice Cream Phone 2” as a bit of a prelude to your Valentine Season or even the New Year candy that flows around. The new phone is being promoted as the successor to the original Ice Cream Phone that LG launched way back in April this year.

Ice Cream Phone 2 photos – LG Cell phone pictures

LG Icecream the strangely named 3G handset


The new Ice Cream Phone 2 is a 15.5mm-thick clamshell design and is 3G enabled helping it stand a step above the first phone in the Ice Cream Series. There are cute and bright emoticons that further add to the ‘sweetness’ of the phone and support our assumption that this could be a great gift come Valentines Day in 2009.

When you do receive a call, the front panel lights up with pastel tone colors and shines bright, giving it further charm. One the inside the LU1600 sports T-DMB, web surfing, electronic dictionary function along with its 3G capabilities and international roaming option. The phone will be available in Korea for now at a price that could be anywhere between $297- $370. The LG Ice Cream 2 will be available in snow white, sky blue and peach pink flavors… So knock yourself out Korea! [Phonelaunches]

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