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With the Intel and Nokia are combining their Moblin and Maemo operating systems to create a unified Linux-based versions, probably named MeeGo OS. LG has just confirmed its new LG GW990 that would be first smart phone to use the MeeGo OS. The LG GW990 had originally been slated to use Intel’s Linux-based OS, Moblin.

LG GW990 MeeGo Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



We have good fortune to see the demo, the video player user interface reacts super fast and allowing to multitask with other apps running. The LG GW990 MeeGo phone equipped with a large 4.8-inch touch screen display with 1024×480 pixel resolution.

LG will release the GW990 MeeGo in Korea in later this year, probably the second half of 2010. Unfortunately there was no works or details on pricing or carrier availability have yet been announced.  LG Cell Phone News

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