LG GW620 Eve Getting Android 1.6 this Sprint

LG makes an clarification on their official Twitter account of what they are going to jump Android 1.6 OS, not 2.0 for the LG GW620 Eve for Roger’s customers this Spring. 

So you’re going to have to wait for your LG GW620 Eve Android update, but at least it will be the most current form of pastry. LG Cell Phone News

LG GW620 Eve Android 1.6 update LG Cell Phone Pictures



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10 thoughts on “LG GW620 Eve Getting Android 1.6 this Sprint”

  1. I fully agree with Jordan. LG is a lier and an inferior company. Will never patronize this company and I am going to smash my fxxking GW 620. This is a piece of joke.

  2. I completely agree with jordan and baysideone.
    When i got my lg gw620 i was really happy just because it was touch and had a keyboard. now after a while i noticed. When the fk will we get latest android updates to the cell? i feel like smashing it^^

  3. Agree with the above, thought it was agood phone till i realised it was already obsolete when they sold it.

    Will never buy an LG product again, enough said.

  4. was looking forward to it … sad to say that LG are an inferior company that make false promises. I wont be buying LG again.

  5. Iv been waiting for that update for ages and am pissed off that lg dont care that they have thousands of dissapointed customers, i went on openetna on google and found a way to upgrade the phone myself to 2.2 or 2.1

  6. Nickk yes it does but the hardware of the fone is still inferior. I purchased a samsung galaxy three for 90 pound brand new from cw and couldnt believe how much more responsive the touchscreen was and it came with 2,1 and a 667mhz processor. I put custom 2,2 firmware on rooted it and it runs like a 400 pound fone. Throw the lg in the bin. I took mine to cw and recieved 31 pound for it which paid for a third of my sansung.

  7. i just bought d gw620 but i wish to upgrade d phone from 1.5 version of the firmware.i tried doing that by downloading from d net installers bt it was nt installing.pls wat can i do to upgrade ds phone.

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